Hush, Hush

By Becca Fitzpatrick

When Nora Grey is forced to work with the mysterious Patch her world is transformed. Patch seems to have a lot to hide and Nora isn’t just one to sit back and wait on him to spill the beans. But when her sleuthing begins to poke around in some dark corners very strange things start happening. Nora begins experiencing things that aren’t true. Or are they? Like hitting a man with her friend’s car, falling off rollercoasters, and broken ladders to name a few. Who exactly is Patch? Why does it seem like he’s behind these odd occurrences?

While doing some searching she finds that there may be someone else on the sidelines. Someone who was a murder suspect. So who’s behind all the incidents? What’s their motivation? And why Nora? Just as things begin to get even more dangerous the attraction between Nora and Patch takes off. Though he seems dangerous himself, Nora senses he’s not the type to murder someone. So then who is stalking her every move? Who keeps attacking those around her? And why does she feel the need to kiss Patch each time he provokes her?

This story takes you on the beginning of a complex journey. Every page turned makes you wonder ‘who dunnit?’. I couldn’t wait to read more about Mr. Mysterious himself. I was constantly following Nora’s investigation. It kept me on my toes. I love how well-rounded this story was. I found each character very different. On a scale of one to ten I gave this book a nine. I couldn’t put it down….the second time. And based on that fact I, as always, advise you to take the time!


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