By Veronica Roth

This second book in the Divergent series picks up with the train ride. With Tris having watched her mom die and shooting one of her best friends she’s on the run. From not only the bad guys but also the memories. How do you go on after having seen such horrific thing?

When they seek refuge in Amity we get to see just how Amity operates. Though inspiring, Tris, Four, and the rest of the fleeing dauntless quickly realize just how much they won’t fit in. When you’re from a faction that is inherently tough and quick to explode, a non-confrontational faction is hardly a refuge. There is more in society that needs to be done. And when Marcus is the one with the information Tris must once again choose what’s in everyone’s best interest. Even if it means betraying those she cares for most. It’s trust that’s most important here.

And maybe being factionless isn’t the ultimate loss. There may be something to learn even from them. And when the leaderless need a leader someone must step up. Someone must become exactly what the nobodies need. Tris begins to realize there may be more to life than living in some faction. What exactly was it the Dauntless were protecting? What were they locking out? What is outside the gates?

The ending of this book blew my mind. When it all comes to a head trust is what makes it through. If you’ve read the first one you know the taste of this world. Take on the second. I laughed, got angry, and was disappointed at times. But by the end all the things that have happened come together. I encourage you to continue in the Divergent series. You won’t be let down. Take the time for sure!


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