By Veronica Roth

As I said on my Goodreads account, this book is an addiction. Veronica Roth has created not only a wonderful story but, for someone close to my age, an inspiring series. I highly admire her as a writer.

In a futuristic world, Beatrice Prior lives in a selfless society. One of five unique factions. Where each attempts to keep the peace by valuing knowledge (Erudite), Truth (Candor), no confrontation (Amity), selflessness (Abnegation), and fearlessness (Dauntless) above anything else. But when the time comes for the teens to choose their future faction some testing can be dangerous. Where you usually only fit right for one faction, Beatrice fits three. She’s Divergent. For some reason this is very hazardous.

When the proctor tells her to hide it she knows something isn’t right. And when the choosing ceremony comes Beatrice is torn. What should she pick? How does she know where she fits in most? A snap decision puts her in a faction more fitting of her personality. Dauntless is all about fearlessness and being tough. Jumping on moving trains, off buildings, climbing to the highest point, and falling in love can all be daunting tasks. Especially when you must compete with native-born Dauntless for your right to stay in the faction. But it would seem the better you are at fitting in the less you blend in. When people are plotting something Beatrice must watch her back. Not only are there jealous initiates but someone isn’t too keen on the Divergent.

As her instructor, Four, begins to realize something is different about her, aside from her determination and attractiveness, things begin to change. Things heat up between the two as some of her fellow initiates fall behind. No one wants to be factionless. And as the faction society begins brewing and slandering one another it takes the ‘faction before blood’ motto to another level. Beatrice must learn just who is trustworthy. With Four’s help and guidance she becomes stronger than she ever knew she could be.

I absolutely adore this book. The timing of everything is amazing. I couldn’t put it down. I fell in love with Four, and the fact that he’s freakishly similar to my man didn’t hurt either. He is an amazing teacher as well as a wonderful match for Tris. I laughed and cried over this book. My heart was pounding and palms were sweating time and time again. At times I held my breath. Tris’ heart is so good while her mind is easy to relate to. You feel each emotion and are in every fear with her. Tris’ journey captivates. It shows just how society, no matter how hard they try, is never perfect. She grows and changes, learning that heroes are the brave, selfless, truthful, and knowledgeable. That being yourself, no matter how dangerous, is what’s most important. I very much push you to read this series. On a scale from one to ten I give it a 9.9. It fully deserves it. Take the time!


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