Wuthering Heights

By Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights is a classic literature novel. Set in the 1800’s a tenant, Mr. Lockwood, comes upon the heights old home during his journeys. When he is haunted by a womanly spirit he inquires with one of the maids about the history of the property. Ellen Dean, Nelly, begins to spin a tale so vile, foreboding, and lovely Mr. Lockwood is insistent on her bestowing the full tale. A fierce storm inhabits the Heights and Nelly takes up her knitting as she informs him. Those living in the house have had a long history.

Our main three characters, Heathcliff, Catherine, and Hindley are siblings, Heathcliff being adopted. Hindley grows jealous of Heathcliff and treats him horribly. Their parents eventually pass on and Hindley is left to run the house. He despises his other siblings and forces Heathcliff to become a servant in his own house. However, a relationship begins to spring up between Cathy and Heathcliff. But when the two go to spy on a neighboring family, the Lintons, Cathy gets attacked by one of their dogs. The Lintons take her in and Heathcliff is sent back to Wuthering Heights. Sometime later she returns and is otherwise transformed into a lady, scoffing at Heathcliff’s less than adequate appearance.

Thus, the torment ensues. The Linton family heir, Edgar, is attracted to Cathy. Cathy also has learned just what society expects of a lady, and in doing so turns Heathcliff away. But Heathcliff doesn’t take so kindly to being forced away from Cathy’s presence and treated as a mockery. Cathy turns quite conceited. Her affections torn between Edgar and Heathcliff one night overcome her. She decides to confide herself in Nelly, knowing not that Heathcliff is in the shadows listening to every word. Basing her love on merely superficial substances Nelly condems it. Claiming such things can fade. Heathcliff leaves upon hearing.

Three years later Edgar and Cathy are married and Heathcliff returns as a wealthy gentleman. Cathy rejoices his return. Edgar takes to it less kindly. His sister, Isabella Linton, falls for Heathcliff. Having seen him as a hero. In spite, Heathcliff takes Isabella as his wife and treats her harshly.A pregnant Catherine falls ill after an arguement with Edgar and locks herself away. Heathcliff begins to swindle away Hareton’s, Hindly’s son, inheretance. Soon Cathy gives birth to a daughter, Cathy, and dies in madness. Following these events Isabella runs away eventually giving birth to Heathcliff’s son, Linton. Years later, Isabella dies and Edgar goes to reclaim Linton. Heathcliff insists on having his son with him. He plans to have Cathy marry Linton so he can inherit Thrushcross Grange. But the two escape and not long after Linton dies. Lockwood having had enough of the place, leaves to return south. Eight months later Mr. Lockwood returns and finds Nelly to be filled in. Hareton, having had an injury has found himself stuck inside and Cathy has taken to him. Heathcliff begins seeing ghosts of his Cathy and shortly passes on himself to be buried beside her. Mr. Lockwood later hears that Hareton and Cathy plan to marry.

It’s a very long, yet short, review. This story is very complex and at times confusing. It is gripping in its tragedy and sorrow. I loved this unconventional tale. I really would recommend any classic, but this one highly. It may take a bit more time, a family tree, and some intense concentration but do take the time.


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