Metal Gear Solid (1998)

I could probably walk you through this game over the phone without visuals. I have played this game repeatedly and acquired every item there is. Then played it yet again just to screw with the guards, and if you’ve played it through you know what I’m talking about. Metal Gear Solid is a continuation of the original series from back in the day. Here Snake is on Shadow Moses Island. We start out with a briefing as he is sent through icy waters to his infiltration point. As Snake you must evade the guards and ascend the elevator without triggering the alert.

After reaching the top you meet your team. Of course you’ve seen the Colonel by now. Mei Ling is your save as well as your information on your radar system. Naomi Hunter is your medical person in charge. Nastasha Romanenko is your weapons specialist. And Master Miller is your field coach. As you progress throughout this stealth game you are to locate two hostages the DARPA chief, Donald Anderson and Arms Tech president Kenneth Baker. But as the enemy would have it your encounters with them are hardly what the mission requires. You become entangled with a couple of bosses along the way such as Liquid Snake, Revolver Ocelot, Sniper Wolf, and Vulcan Raven to name a few. Each one becoming increasingly difficult and annoying. Of course each one has their own sob story of why they’re in the war to begin with. But to progress further you need some of their information.

This game takes you through a rather cool story that I can’t even describe. It’s more or less a four-hour game if you know what you’re doing, especially after beating it once. I throughly enjoyed beating the crap out of Liquid again and again and again and AGAIN. The guy just won’t seem to die. But in the end it’s got enough action with a proper storyline so on a scale of one to ten I give it an eight. Check it out!


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