Ball of Fire (1941)

First of all let me say black and white movies are great. Ball of Fire is a story of a group of men who are attempting to compile an encyclopedia. When they come across a woman who uses all types of jargon they decide to compile some of that too. To define all types of turn-of-phrase. But Professor Potts gets a touch distracted by Ms. Sugarpuss O’Shea who is a lounge performer and fast talker. And it’s a good thing she is such a quick wit because the mob is after her. As Potts becomes more and more enamoured with Ms. O’Shea the plot deepens with her mob connections. One of the mobsters has his own plans for the leading lady. But it would seem these Professors are wiser than they seem. Hatching a plan to rescue O’Shea for the sake of Professor Potts affections. Potts learns that maybe knowledge is better obtained through experience. I loved this movie. On a scale of one to ten I’d give it an eight. It’s funny, screwball, and simply cute.


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