A Sad Time for the Movies

This past week we here in the U.S.A. have experienced a horrid tragedy. Twelve people were murdered during a showing of “The Dark Knight Rises”. It was a terrible act by an evil man. In today’s world where movies and other media are seen as an escape from the pressures of every day life, this brought fear and loss into the lives of not only the families of the victims but also each American. During one of the speeches each name was read followed by a mantra repeated by those assembled of “we will remember”. And this is certainly true. Some of the victims were heroes who protected their loved ones by being a human shield. Some were trying to escape. Some were merely babies. It is a horrible display of just how vile mankind can become. How calloused. But the important thing to remember is not the violence of one person, it is the lives of those who died and the meaning of them. These people were husbands, wives, daughters, sons – people who mattered. So I believe that each of us individually can overcome such evils. We are stronger than such tragedy. Pray for these families. They are upset, hurt, angry, lost. Think of your loves ones, be glad they are with you now. Also pray for the injured. The survivors. The police, firemen, and paramedics. What they’ve experienced is unimaginable. There are things in this world you cannot unsee. There are things in this world that cannot be undone. So pray. Pray for peace, hope, laughter in the hardest times, recovery, and… eventually… joy.


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