Tempest’s Fury

By Nicole Peeler

So it wasn’t until I was in the middle of reading this novel that I realized I hadn’t written any reviews on this series yet! Clearly I was horrified. So here’s the first:
Tempest’s Fury delivers! Jane’s been through the ringer. Adjusting to her dad’s new-found health, being in a coma while conversing with a creature of sorts, and having a very sexy barghest waiting on her; we pick up on the road. Just as she had been about to finally catch some man lovin’ Blondie shows. So Jane is once again drawn into a war. But this is much bigger than Morrigan and Jarl. And it’s going to take an army (and possibly a wardrobe). Brandishing her Champion’s labrys she must become the poster child for not just the supernatural world’s safety but the human’s as well.

I adore Nicole Peeler’s entire series. Jane true is not only small and mighty but funny as heck! I had frequent outbursts of laughter at work while disrupting a few co-workers. I LOVE Anyan. Though his relationship with Jane is as strange as it is awesome, his history and teaching abilities really help him shine. However, just because he now knows how he truly feels for Jane she may not be quite ready for the next step. She hasn’t had that time that Anyan had while she was knocked out cold. So now it’s time for a new step in their relationship, dating. With everything crashing down around them every moment counts. And Blondie is the first to point it out…. every time.

Also, in typical Peeler fashion, There are a few new and very unique characters. You never know what the supernatural world holds, especially when it spans to far out countries. Jane learns not only about her new world, but herself as well. Learning being a champion may give her a fighting chance in this war. And we can’t leave out Blondie. When her exstensive and adventure filled past is revealing itself there may be a key to their future. Even a post-champion has heartaches.

So when it comes to rating this book I give it a 9 on a scale of one to ten. And you’ll understand it once you’ve read it. I absoultely love this series. It has something for everyone. Adventure, fantasy, lore, love, hate, pain, comedy (lots of comedy), and one sweet museum to name a few. I SO encourage you to take an hour, a day, a week, a month – whatever you need to read this book! The ending leaves you craving for more.


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