Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between

By J.A. Saare

*Okay, first off let me say this book is definitely a 21-year-old or older book. Due to gore, violence, and language.*
Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between is a story about a young woman with a troubled past named Rihannon. Whose attitude and tough-as-nails persona are as entertaining as they are dangerous. I found her to be somewhat the type of smart-alic I can relate to. When she meets Disco, a vampire, her already not so normal world becomes quite complex. She is commissioned to aid in solving a mystery. A danger is threatening the vampire world and a necromancer is just the detective they need.

This novel leads the reader along a fascinating journey from drugs to lust and suffering to trust. I had a bit of a challenge keeping all of the characters straight. There are quite a few. And though I am a book-a-holic it took me a minute to fall into the swing of Rihannon’s lifestyle and attitude. But once I did the story kept my mind churning. Not only the mystery but Rihannon’s emotional journey. Also, I didn’t immediately fall for Disco, though I believe that was the author’s intent. It missed an initial drawing for me. Over time, however, he grew on me. By the end of the book I really enjoyed his character. He was quite the gentleman and very kind.

The writer leaves no stone unturned. This is something I truly admire. For, every time she mentions someone’s tainted past or anything interesting she eventually explains why. I generally despise loose ends. I feel as if the main characters were well fleshed out and flawed. Therefore, making them very human.

I also appreciate her “vampire origins’ story. It’s very unique and easy to understand. Now on a scale of one to ten I have to give this book a 6. Though I fully understand the gore and its necessity, I got a smidge tired of all the cursing. Also some of the character backstories were tough. (That’s my personal opinion of course.) But as far as fantasy, mystery, cohesiveness, romance, and interest I liked it. So, if it’s sounding like your kind of novel, take the time.


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